After a trip through the Amish Country of Pennsylvania, Frank was inspired to have a "Barn-Raising" event to build a new farm market.

We wanted a traditional Texas design, and we also wanted a space for dancing, so of course we were drawn to the old German agricultural society halls of the Texas Hill Country such as Anhalt Hall and Fischer Hall. The folks at Fischer Hall let us study the hall and we based our design on that wonderful building.

Renowned furniture builder Gary Weeks, of Gary Weeks and Co. in Wimberley, designed the trusses and managed the incredible logistics of the project. Phillip Sell, of Sell Design Group in Wimberley, planned out and executed the amazing arched trusses just like the old halls had. We built the trusses in Wimberley, brought them out to the site, and on a clear, cool Saturday morning in the fall of 2008 over 200 friends and neighbors showed up to help us build the barn!

Cooking tents were set up and meals were made from scratch on site for all 200. Music was provided all day by local musicians, and that night we had a celebration. It took another few days with a core group of dedicated helpers to finish the barn but we had it up with just 5 days of work! The barn is now a landmark, and a symbol of what can happen when a community comes together. Thanks to all!

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